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RS Melamine Industry was founded in 1998 as a Melamine Plastic Dinner Sets, Aluminum Products, Vegetables, and Fruite Items in the Global Market.

With reference to the captioned subject, we are involved in manufacturing of Melamine, Aluminum utensils for last 14 years with name of “RS Melamine”. It’s a family business concern, having a good market reputation as well as financial stability. We are preparing a vast variety of Melamine, Aluminum Utensils in order to satisfy our customer’s needs. We started this business with minimum level of Machines and now we are running this concern with seven (100) times growth rate from the start.

Through scientific strategic plans and integration of the latest technologies, RS Melamine steadily developed, over the years, in terms of nameplate capacity, production quantities, quality and competitiveness of products, accordingly RS Melamine has become one of the main producers and exporters of Dinner Set, Aluminum Utensils, Vegetables in the world. Now after the completion this target our company decide to emerged as the world’s largest producer of Melamine Dinner Set, Aluminum Utensils, and vegetables.

We are also manufacturing in melamine tableware (melamine tableware, dinnerware, kitchenware,tray, bowl, plate, pet bowl, children ware, christmas, easter, cap-bowl, cover bowl, color melamine, dish, dishware, cutlery, etc.) Our product senior melamine tablewares are able to bear high or low temperature, have the advantages of high stiffness, bright colour, no changes in color, innocuity and no smell, and can prevent from rotting by acid and alkali. We are the biggest manufactures of melamine tableware in Pakistan. We are ready to refer you our favourable price and high quality melamine tableware and Aluminum Utensils. Should you have interest of items mentioned above? Kindly let us know by return mail.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards.
Director of Sale Department: Umar Sajjad

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